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Increase Enrollment in Your Daycare or Child Care School

Increase Enrollment in Your Childcare School!

Prepare Your School to Increase Enrollment

The very first thing you should focus on is getting your school ready. Make it the safest and happiest environment a child could be in.
You don’t want to accept children who will only be with you for a few days or perhaps a few weeks at the most. You need to improve your internal processes, you should make your school more attractive to both parents and children. You should also ensure that your school has a healthy and safe environment that will welcome your visitors.

As soon as you’ve completed the necessary setup inside your school, you’ll be ready to take the next major step and increase enrollment at your childcare school. You are now ready to accept visits and tours!

Increase Enrollment by Accepting Tours

On the opposite side of the page, you can see a chart that emphasizes the “Automated Tours” section. In other words, it is the second technique that we used to help us increase enrollment at our childcare school.

Do you have any idea why? It is convenient for the parents. Parents are already exhausted from the process of locating the most appropriate and most exemplary daycare school for their child. So once they found the right one, they want the next step to be more accessible and, if possible, convenient for them.
You can bet that they collected all of the data or information about your childcare school, including anything that is accessible on your website or social media platforms. Now, they want to come and visit your school. And you need to make this process smooth and easy for them to actually enroll their child in your school.

Advantages of Automated Tour Scheduler

Running a childcare school will definitely make you the busiest person. It will be very painful to manage and schedule appointments with parents through phone calls or via SMS. Your automated tour scheduler will allow parents to book and reschedule their appointments with you- it’s hassle-free and the process is way easier.

We have listed some of the advantages an automated tour scheduler may bring to you. And believe me, it will help you increase enrollment in your childcare school.

Increase Enrollment
1. Fewer Phone Calls

Giving parents an opportunity to book a tour online will save you a lot of time answering phone calls. Inquiries about your availability will lessen also as your calendar will automatically show up once they click on your Book A Tour button.

2. Less Unannounced Visits

Since parents will be booking a tour directly via your website, you’ll be notified of every booking you will receive. Therefore, surprise visits will be minimized. You can have time to prepare for everything.

3. More Parents To Turn Up

Based on our personal experience at Happy Bunnies, since we put the Book A Tour button on our website, we got more parents who actually showed up. We will be discussing later how we did this.

4. Accessible 24/7

Busy parents are most likely free during nighttime. With your automated tour scheduler, parents may browse your website and book a tour anytime. They don’t have to wait for your office or school hours to make an appointment. This is what parents are always looking for, a convenient process. If you want to increase enrollment in your school, make your processes easy and simple.

Make Your Automated Tour Scheduler Work

Having parents booked a visit should not end your process there. There are few things you need to do in order to these “Book A Tour” buttons on your website help you increase enrollment in your preschool.

increase enrollment
Appointment Added

This is the first notification you may receive from your automated tour scheduler. After a parent books a tour, you’ll receive an email to notify you about the date and time. 

Tour Confirmation

Once you receive the notification from your scheduler that a parent booked a tour to your school, you might want to send a confirmation to the parent that you received the appointment. You will also have a chance to confirm that the booking was not made by mistake. We suggest that you do it as soon as possible after the booking is made.

Day Before Reminder

Send a reminder a day before the actual tour. In this way, parents may feel your sincerity and willingness to meet them personally. Building rapport with parents before the tour will most likely help you increase enrollment in your daycare.

Final Reminder

Send a friendly reminder an hour before the tour. You may just simply send “I’m excited to meet you at (time) to show you our school.” It will just let them know that you are ready.

Increase Enrollment

Tools To Use

We have put up a custom method similar to Child Care SEO over time. However, these low-cost, off-the-shelf solutions offer you a lot of advantages. Calendly or Acuity scheduling is a service I can strongly suggest. My suggestion would be Acuity, however, you should check out each of them and see which one you like most.


Calendly is one of the most popular schedulers. For those attempting to arrange a meeting with an existing customer or prospect and who want to refrain from sending back and forth emails in order to find a date and time that works for both parties, Calendly is an excellent choice. It is also useful for internal meetings in which employees must choose a day and time that is convenient for them. Using this tool to increase enrollment in you childcare preschool will be a good choice as this tool is at an affordable price and you may also try it for free.

Acuity Scheduler

Acuity Scheduler has a lot of features. It has auto time adjustment, intake forms, it is Embeddable directly to website, it will also send an email and SMS reminders. Acuity Scheduling pricing starts at $15.00 per month. Acuity Scheduling also offers a free trial.

Great! I hope this article will help you increase enrollment in your daycare by automated tour scheduler. If you also want to know how to Optimize Your Website, you might want to take our course about it. Click here.

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