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How Child Care SEO can get your calendar full of parents
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Numbers ↑ Over 110% in Just 8 Months!

Because of COVID, last year was hard for many child care schools. By November ’20 Happy Bunnies was down to just 28% of licensed capacity.

Then we implemented Child Care SEO’s new marketing systems – specifically designed for daycares and preschools. The results were dramatic.

The first 6 months of ’21 were the busiest ever for the school – registering children more quickly than ever before. Take a look at that graph on the right. These are the actual numbers for the Austin preschool.


For the first time ever, we’re offering these new proprietary systems to daycares and early learning centers across America.

Imagine a system that automatically brings new parents every month. It’s like clockwork!

Let us show you how to do the same for your school.

Happy Bunnies Child Care School, Austin
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